Spotify Wrapped: Your musical year in review (2023)

Spotify Wrapped: Your musical year in review (1)

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The most wonderful time of the year is back; this year’s edition of Spotify Wrapped! Every year, Spotify users look forward to this annual wrap-up of their listening statistics. It arrives in late November or early December and is a chance to flaunt your unique musical taste. Keep readingto learn how to see your Spotify Wrapped results and more!


Spotify Wrapped 2023 will start rolling out to people's accounts in December, 2023.

Launch the Spotify app and go to Home > #SPOTIFYWRAPPED > Your 2023 in review to access Spotify Wrapped. This is where you can see your Spotify Wrapped cards and playlists.


  • What is Spotify Wrapped?
  • What does Spotify Wrapped show you?
  • Where to see Spotify Wrapped
  • How to share Spotify Wrapped
  • How to see more Spotify stats
  • Is Spotify Wrapped available all year?

What is Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped: Your musical year in review (2)

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Every December since 2016, Spotify has sent users a summary of their listening statistics from January 1 to October 31. This event has grown to include the most popular music and podcasts each year. It’s called Spotify Wrapped.

Users can learn more about their listening history through ornate visualizations called “Wrapped cards.” Spotify Wrapped cards depict the songs, artists, genres, and podcasts most listened to during the year. Users are encouraged to share their cards with friends and followers on social media.

Artists are also sent visuals of their stats and encouraged to share them with their fans. Sometimes fans discover that their tastes are similar to their favorite artists.

What does Spotify Wrapped show you?

In the form of Wrapped cards, Spotify Wrapped provides a visual representation of the songs, artists, genres, and podcasts they listened to the most from January to October. Wrapped cards can be shared on other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok.

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For most years, Wrapped cards include:

  • My Top Genres
  • Audio Day(including music listened to during “My mornings,” “My afternoon,” and “My nights”)
  • My Minutes Listened
  • My Top Song
  • My Top Songs
  • My Top Artist
  • My Top Artists

You can also access a final Wrapped card at the end that combines results from other cards. There is also a card available for avid listeners calledYour Listening Personality.

Where to see Spotify Wrapped (Android & iOS)

Spotify Wrapped playlists and results are available every November/December from the Spotify home screen. The section typically disappears from the app at the start of January, but you can still access your Spotify Wrapped playlists all year.

You can also go to, which should open the Wrapped screen inside your Spotify for iOS or Android app.

Spotify Wrapped: Your musical year in review (3)

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To access more Spotify Wrapped features from the hub, search for “Wrapped” in the Spotify app and select the genre. This will allow you to access more of the Wrapped hub features.

Can you see Spotify Wrapped on desktop?

Spotify Wrapped: Your musical year in review (4)

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No. The playlists Spotify curates for you as part of the Wrapped event are available from any platform. However, the Wrapped cards and shareable stories are available only on mobile.

Why can’t I see Spotify Wrapped on my phone?

Note that Spotify Wrapped is not shown to all users at the same time. Depending on your region and usage habits, it may take longer for the update to appear for your account.

Also, remember that you’ll only be able to see it if you use the iOS or Android Spotify app, not the web player or desktop app. The feature is usually active throughout December. However, your Spotify Wrapped playlists will continue to be available even after Spotify Wrapped is no longer visible in the app.

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How to share Spotify Wrapped

Wrapped cards are shareable on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and many other platforms — including WhatsApp and Line!

Launch the Spotify mobile app to share a Spotify Wrapped card on social media (or save it to your device). Tap the Play button on theYour year in review section of the home page. Find the Wrapped card you want to share, and let it play out. When you see theShare this Story button, tap it. Select the platform you want to share the Wrapped card on.

If you aren’t quick enough to hit the button before it switches to the next one, here’s a neat little trick you can try:

  1. Navigate to the Spotify Wrapped card you want to share on social media or download.
  2. As the card starts playing, press down on the middle of the card — and hold — with one of your thumbs. This will pause playback.
  3. With your other hand, tap Share this story at the bottom of the screen.

How can I see more Spotify stats?

Spotify Wrapped: Your musical year in review (5)

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If you want to view your Spotify stats, you don’t have to wait for Spotify Wrapped.

The third-party service Stats for Spotify connects to your Spotify account and pulls in Spotify stats, including Top Tracks, Top Artists, Top Genres, and Recently Played. The service also lets you choose between “last four weeks,” “last six months,” and “all time,” which is a good way to see how your music tastes have evolved in the recent past.

The “Recently played” tab is great if you need to recall a track you just listened to but can’t seem to find in Spotify — a common issue for those who listen on shuffle mode or prefer Spotify’s many auto-generated playlists.

Note that Stats for Spotify is not affiliated with Spotify, so you must grant it access to your Spotify account first. Hopefully, Spotify will come up with its own stats solution in the future.

Is it possible to see Spotify Wrapped all year?

Spotify Wrapped: Your musical year in review (6)

During the period when Spotify Wrapped releases, you will find a playlist called “Your Top Songs 2023” in the Spotify Wrapped section on your homepage. This playlist will feature all of your most-played songs of the year.

To access your older Spotify Wrapped playlists, you’ll need to log in to Spotify on your desktop or mobile device and open these specific links:

These playlists give you more than just your top songs. They also showcase the most popular songs and artists of that respective year. Alternatively, you can type “Your top songs” in the Spotify search bar.

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Music serves as a powerful time capsule, and by saving these playlists, you can create a nostalgia-filled library of your past musical tastes. So, in 10 years, you can listen to what you’re jamming out to right now. Happy listening!


If you use Private Sessions, anything listened to in that mode is off the record. Nobody can access your listening activity during a Private Session. Anything you listen to during Private Sessions won’t be reflected in your Spotify Wrapped results.

Additionally, if you have been uploading music to Spotify and listening to it, those songs will not factor into your Spotify Wrapped results. Only songs that are available from the Spotify platform count.

Yes, you can view your Spotify Wrapped playlists at any time. However, the unique Wrapped cards with listening statistics are typically only available to view and share during the month of December.

Yes, Spotify Wrapped is available to both Free and Premium Spotify users.

Spotify Wrapped is only available to users who had enough activity during the year to generate meaningful data, and who joined Spotify before November of that year. If you’ve recently joined Spotify or haven’t used it much, you might not see a Wrapped report.

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No, Spotify Wrapped is not exclusive to premium users. It is available for all Spotify users, both Free and Premium.

Spotify Wrapped compiles data from January 1 to October 31 of the current year. The Wrapped feature is usually rolled out to users in early December.

Based on previous years, it’s likely that Spotify will continue its tradition and release Spotify Wrapped 2023 in early December 2023, providing a summary of users’ listening habits from January 1, 2023, to October 31, 2023.


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